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Now you may already be aware of some facts I'll mention, but please canvass them humbly.

Fasting in the dietary sense is total abstinence from all classes of food, except water; essentially allowing the body, especially areas that handle digestion, rest. As a result of constant overwork from eating and strenuous processing of sometimes quite toxic, foreign food substances, strange to our nature, though in sincerity


, our body continues to accumulate toxins which if undealt, will eventually pose much greater dis-ease.

For those of you on a cooked diet, although clean foods might be rightfully consumed, it doesn't prevent you from accumulating toxins, as your body has to do more work to breakdown the food, given the original enabling enzymes which the food in its raw state contained are absent - the living thing dies as you heat it. Hence, constant fasting with water will assist in cleansing the system of those toxins, whereas a


with juice or bread can be very toxic and dangerous, and should be reconsidered as actually eating, and building up further toxins. Fasting should be regular, daily with every meal, to allow the system properly cleanse from the previous exercise, and this way you can ensure a much healthier lifestyle.

I am not suggesting jumping into a

raw food diet

straight on if you don't possess enough discipline to do so. Try  understanding how best to prepare your food, so it's not overcooked, whilst investigating better health. As you eat, remember that your food needs to be properly chewed, and slowly, so it's well coated with saliva, as that begins, and quickens the

digestive process

. You should not consume more than your body really needs, and if you do so, the body ends up harbouring the food until digestion ends - which can take as long as the damage you've done, which also has mental implications. A good tip is not to eat till you 100% full. If you've just overeaten, take a long walk, as this way your body will use up it's reserves and continue requesting more resources, until the overload is utterly consumed. You'll need some water to continue digestion and cleansing, and also keep in mind that a toilet will come in handy on your way.

Without any offence intended, as the body struggles to handle over-taxation, constantly trying to to compensate for missing catalysts that would normally be present in the food and quicken digestion, ageing sets in. We begin to age quicker because our bodies are receiving much wear and tear, without any sufficient replenishment from the food. Soon the little resources from the already degraded,

cooked food

, are used up, then your hungry again, and another cycle of damage continues. To whatever degree obvious, a raw food diet will reasonably reverse ageing.

I picked up my keyboard, and felt to share that little bit with you guys. Could go further, but this is where our spiritual life comes in, as weakened bodies will be more vulnerable to the enemy's suggestions, and total clarity of the mind cannot be guaranteed. Let us begin to investigate these things that we may better understand why our message is not being received as it ought.

I don't know everything, neither have I even scratched much of the surface yet, but hope what I've shared from my own personal, though very little study and experience, has been a blessing to you.