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For covering high blood pressure, I am going to go over foods first. Seeing that a change in diet, as well as lifestyle is very important to gain control of high blood pressure.

Salt intake – Most are told to reduce salt intake. However for a person with high blood pressure, it is best to remove salt intake all together. While shopping look for labels containing. “soda” “sodium” “salt” and “na” Other items that normally contain these things, or other additives that we should avoid such as MSG, are, baking soda, canned foods (unless strictly says sodium free, or salt free. However, I have my own opinions about eating out of cans, due to the close relation to Alzheimer’s and aluminum, its up to you though) Avoid, commercially prepared foods, as well as over the counter drugs that contain ibuprofen. And just because they say sugar free doesn’t mean they are always good. For those suffering from high blood pressure steer clear of diet soft drinks, or foods with preservatives, sugar substitutes.

(stevia is a natural herbal sweetener, but look for it in the raw form not processed with other chemicals to preserve them)  avoid meat tenderizers, soy sauce, softened water, the list goes on and on. The best way is to prepare your own meals as well as drinks in this case.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Celery! Drink healthy live juices, if you don’t mind the veggie flavor in a juice, try  beet, celery and carrot juice. And If you don’t like the veggie flavor try cranberry watermelon. You will need a juicer to make these juices, however the juicers are not to hard to find, and can be relatively in expensive. Some stores may carry the fresh live juices.

It is recommended to eat a high in fiber diet, like oat bran. However it is suggested to NOT take fiber supplements along with other supplements you may be taking.

Abstain from tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and sugar all together.

Fast, three to five times a month with a cleansing fast.

Herbal supports are cayenne, hawthorn berries, parsley, and rosemary for high blood pressure. Chamomile is also recommended for high blood pressure, but urged to not take it for a long time, as it can cause an allergic reaction to ragweed, and for those who have a rag weed allergy, you should not take chamomile all together.

Valerian root is good for keeping the nerves calm.

High blood pressure sufferers are urged to stay away from herbs such as ephedra (ma huang)  and licorice, these herbs can elevate your blood pressure.

It is also recommended that you drink up to 3 cups of suma tea daily.

*Antihistamines are not recommended for high blood pressure sufferers, nor are supplements containing, phenylalanine, or tyrosine. Check your artificial sweeteners to see if they contain any of these products. Avoid stress. If you come under stress… first pray, and you can also take a valerian root to help calm your nerves. Let us remember, high blood pressure is known as the silent killer. It is my prayer that the enemy not have that sort of power over you. By the Lords green earth, and the healing power of the one true physician you CAN overcome.