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Greetings brethren, currently all links to these books are broken, please bear with me while I get them working again.  In the mean time you can still read the books by going to the White Estate online.  I will remove this notice once the repairs have been made. Thank you.


A call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education (1933)



Chapter 1  A call to service 


Chapter 2 The call of the Cities


Chapter 3 Ways of working


Chapter 4 Christian help work


Chapter 5 A complete Ministry


Chapter 6 Teaching health Prin.


Chapter 7 The temperance work 


Chapter 8 Co-operation between Medical and Evangelistic work 


Chapter 9 Equipment for service




Counsels on Diet and Foods (1938)



Chapter 1 Reasons for Reform


Chapter 2 Diet and spirituality


Chapter 3 Health reform and the Third Angel’s Message 


Chapter 4 The proper dietary 


Chapter 5 Physiology of digestion 


Chapter 6 Improper eating and cause of Disease 


Chapter 7 Overeating 


Chapter 8 Control of Appetite 


Chapter 9 Regularity in eating 


Chapter 10 Fasting 


Chapter 11 Extremes in diet 


Chapter 12 Diet during pregnancy


Chapter 13 Diet in childhood 


Chapter 14 Healthful cookery 


Chapter 15 Health foods and hygienic restaurants 


Chapter 16 Sanitarium dietary 


Chapter 17 Diet a rational remedy 


Chapter 18 Fruits, cereals, and vegetables 


Chapter 19 Desserts 


Chapter 20 Condiments, etc.





Counsels on Health



Section 1 The world’s need 


Section 2 Essentials to health 


Section 3 Diet and health 


Section 4 Outdoor life and physical activity 


Section 5 Sanitariums Their objects and aims 


Section 6 Successful institutional work 


Section 7 The Christian Physician 


Section 8 Nurses and helpers 


Section 9 Teaching health principles 


Section 10 Health food work 


Section 11 Medical missionary work 


Section 12 Ensamples to the flock 


Section 13 Holiness of life 






Health food Ministry



Section 1 Health foods 


Section 2 Health food work






Healthful Living (1897,1898)


Chapter 1 Our bodies, temples of the Holy Ghost 


Chapter 2 Duty to study the laws of life 


Chapter 3 The great Decalogue 


Chapter 4 Natural law part of the Law of God 


Chapter 5 Blessings for obeying natural law 


Chapter 6 The consequences of violating natural law


Chapter 7 Natural law; How violated 


Chapter 8 health 


Chapter 9 Health reform 


Chapter 10 Vital vigor and energy


Chapter 11 Disease and providence 


Chapter 12 The influence of disease upon the mind and morals 


Chapter 13 Heredity 


Chapter 14 Causes of disease 


Chapter 15 Resistance against disease 


Chapter 16 Ventilation 


Chapter 17 Appetite 


Chapter 18 Diet 


Chapter 19 Flesh foods 


Chapter 20 Stimulants 






Medical Ministry



Section 1 Healing power and its source


Section 2 The divine plan in the medical missionary work 


Section 3 The Christian physician and his work 


Section 4 Our medical college 


Section 5 Warning against spiritistic sophistry 


Section 6 True and false systems of mind cure 


Section 7 Fees and wages 


Section 8 Counsels and cautions 


Section 9 The management of sanitariums 


Section 10 Opportunities for ministry in hospitals and sanitariums 


Section 11 The sanitarium family
Section 12 The prevention of disease and its cure by rational methods 


Section 13 Medical missionary work and the gospel ministry 


Section 14 Teaching health principles 


Section 15 Diet and health 


Section 16 The worker’s health 


Section 17 Medical missionary work in the great cities 


Section 18 Extent of the work 






The ministry of healing (1905)



Chapter 1 Our example


Chapter 2 Days of ministry


Chapter 3 With Nature and with God


Chapter 4 The touch of faith 


Chapter 5 Healing of the soul 


Chapter 6 Saved to serve 


Chapter 7 The co-working of the divine and the human 


Chapter 8 The physician, an educator 


Chapter 9 Teaching and healing 


Chapter 10 Helping the tempted 


Chapter 11 Working for the intemperate 


Chapter 12 Help for the unemployed and the homeless 


Chapter 13 The helpless poor 


Chapter 14 Ministry to the rich 


Chapter 15 In the sickroom 


Chapter 16 Prayer for the sick 


Chapter 17 The use of remedies 



Chapter 18 Mind cure 

Chapter 19 In contact with nature 


Chapter 20 General hygiene 






The story of our Health Message (Appendix only) 





Testimony studies on diet and foods



Chapter 1 Breads 


Chapter 2 Butter 


Chapter 3 Cheese 


Chapter 4 Cider 


Chapter 5 Combination's 


Chapter 6 Cooking schools 


Chapter 7 Diet in different countries 


Chapter 8 Diet and Morals 


Chapter 9 Diet during pregnancy and lactation 


Chapter 10 Diet and spirituality 


Chapter 11 Eating between meals 


Chapter 12 Eggs 


Chapter 13 Extremes in Diet 


Chapter 14 Fasting 


Chapter 15 Feeding of children 


Chapter 16 Flesh foods 


Chapter 17 Foods as remedies 


Chapter 18 Fruits 


Chapter 19 God’s remedies 


Chapter 20 Grains